RastPro is a one-stop solution for supply-chain demand planning professionals: RastPro starts with demand forecasting by streamlining the collaborative forecasting process, segmentation and/or clustering, and finishing with key-answers to support your procurements decision.

RastPro employs a wide range of sophisticated cutting edge forecasting and procurement algorithms and models, while presenting an intuitive interface to help you with your everyday decisions.

RastPro is scalable. Whether you have few or tens of thousands of SKUs, one distribution channel or hundreds, one warehouse or several, RastPro can be easily configured to map your actual operation.

RastPro is flexible. Whether you have finished goods, raw material inventories or both, RastPro can be easily deployed and tuned to your exact needs.

RastPro is available in several languages. Currently, RastPro is offered in English and Spanish. Future languages and support are in development.

RastPro is a hosted solution. What does this mean? No upfront costs – pay as you go, our team handles software installation, updates/upgrades, database backup and software configuration, you can log in to our secure private cloud from anywhere and run the program, just like any other application on your desktop.

Need more? RastPro is backed up by a strong, responsive, knowledgeable in-house support team to help you with any issue or question you may have.

RastPro has the following modules:

  • Forecasting
  • Procurement
  • Reports: Segmentation/Clustering & Forecasting Performance.

1. Forecasting

Because forecasting is a process, rather than a number, RastPro captures the collaborative forecasting process found in mature organizations by:

  • Supporting forecast from multiple sources: RastPro (model-based), Sales & Marketing and external sources.
  • Streamline the process of combining the different forecast sources into one final concise value.
  • Evaluate the forecast accuracy different sources, assess the forecast process capability or performance and identify trends or problems early on.

RastPro uses cutting edge statistical time-series modeling techniques to capture trends, patterns, and other relationships in the demand data history, then generates a robust forecast source.

Intermittent demand? RastPro employs a separate class of models to handle those type of patterns.

2. Procurement

Inventory procurement and replenishment is what you strive to do better, and this is what RastPro is designed to help you with.

Leveraging our forecasting process, suppliers’ performance, and cutting edge academic research, RastPro computes relevant inventory control measures and analytics (e.g. fill-rate, safety stock (SS), reorder point (ROP), order-size (Q), lost sales, etc.), to help you with your replenishment decision.

3. Reports

Occasionally, you may wish to review your product’s performance in an effort to prioritize your efforts. RastPro can help you in two ways:

  • Scattergram™: Using historical demand (Units, Sales or Margin), RastPro cluster the product’s portfolios into four distinct groups to signify their volume and variability.
  • Forecast Performance: In the Forecast performance view, RastPro quantify the accuracy of one product or a portfolio of products, and present them in a time plot to help you identify trends (e.g. improvement) and/or diagnose problems.