Getting Started

What is RastPro Online?

RastPro is a demand planning software hosted solution which means that Ideum Group takes care of all software and hardware requirements to run the solution.

All the customers need to have is a desktop, notebook or a tablet with an internet connectivity.

What happens next?

One of our sales staff will contact you requesting information about your company’s supply-chain, and work with you to gather required information (e.g. products, inventories, demand history, etc.) for your RastPro trial instance. The customer’s data is placed in a spreadsheet template and uploaded to Ideum Group.

Once we receive the template with the pertaining data, one of our technical support staff creates a user account in our environment, a dedicated database, designate one computer and grants your users account the proper permissions. If you would would like a quick overview of our security continue to the end of the page.

How do I access and/or run RastPro online?

To access or run RastPro application, you need to do the following:

  1. Using your favorite internet browser, type our environment URL:
  2. Next, type in your username and password to login into Ideum group firewall.
  3. Now, your customer portal is displayed. Locate the RastPro icon/bookmark link, and click it.
  4. A remote desktop connection is established.
  5. You will be automatically logged in.
  6. Now, on the desktop screen, locate the RastPro icon and click it to launch the application.

How do I keep my data current?

At least, once a week, we request you to send us updates of your recent demand and inventories. Again, the update date is entered into a spreadsheet template and uploaded to Ideum Group’s private file repository.

How is RastPro secure?

To answer this question, let’s break it down into smaller pieces:

  1. The communication over the internet between the client computer and Ideum Group firewall is encrypted.
  2. Physical:
    1. World-class datacenters
    2. Locked access to the building and to the computer room(s)
    3. Video surveillance throughout the facility
    4. Security policy according to the PCI-DSS standard
    5. Monitors the logs from firewall and IDS systems to report events that need attention
  3. At the firewall, Ideum Group monitors and enforces a wide set of security policies based on:
    1. Password length and strength
    2. Time and day of the week
    3. Geolocations of the remote users
    4. Requested services
    5. Targeted network address or servers
  4. In addition, the network traffic to our firewall is constantly monitored for any sign of suspicious activities.
  5. Using remote desktop application, customer connects and logs in to the designated remote machine.
  6. Data Security:
    1. Each customer/user has his own database
    2. Database access and permissions are restricted per user
    3. Customer’s has exclusive access to his own database
    4. Ideum support staff backs-up the database on periodic basis
    5. Backups can be made available to customer upon request

Ideum Group leverages a wide range of industry-standards security tools and technologies to ensure security of its customers’ data and maintain an efficient and reliable operation.

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