About Us

Ideum Group provides cutting-edge software solution and services for managing supply chain and logistics.

Company History

Throughout his 40 years of experience in supply chain and academic research, Ideum Group’s co-founder, Professor Jorge Chavez, experienced first-hand the frustration and difficulties faced by supply chain professionals. Like many in his position, especially those in small to mid-sized operations, he often struggled with performing everyday planning without the proper tools in place.

Thus, the RastPro concept was born: a sophisticated, intuitive, and affordable tool that planners can apply to their tasks right away, without the hassle of an expensive setup or steep learning curve – just the right-sized solution for the immediate problem at hand. RastPro encompasses the latest advancements in research and best practices in supply chain. Best of all, RastPro is backed by superb support in all forms: documentation, tutorials, and an in-house staff that is always a phone call or email away.

Why Ideum Group?

Our founders and Ideum staff have both the in-the-field expertise in helping real customers solving their supply-chain management problems, and the much-needed technical, statistical and academic research background to implement, deliver and support an innovative solution. A solution that not only captures industry best practices, but also keeps up with the latest development in academic research and technology.