Because forecasting is a process, rather than a number, RastPro™ captures the collaborative forecasting process found in mature organizations by:
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Inventory procurement and replenishment are what you strive to do better, and this is what RastPro™ is designed to help you.
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Occasionally, you may wish to review your product’s performance to prioritize your efforts. RastPro can
help you in two ways:
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When the new era, after the pandemic, is about to begin, the companies – small and big, public and
private, manufacturers, commercial and service
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Ideum Group provides software solutions and services for next-generation supply chain demand planning. At Ideum Group, we firmly believe that accurate demand forecasting is the bedrock of supply & demand planning. Demand forecasting is no longer the responsibility of one group or division. It has evolved into a collaborative process between different groups: sales, operations, marketing, procurement, and more. Furthermore, the sheer number of ever-growing products and the shortening lifetimes of products make the task of a reliable, consistent forecast an even more challenging task.

At the Ideum group, we get that! As a supply chain professional, you’ve experienced these issues and probably many more in your everyday activities. We designed our product flagship – RastPro – to precisely facilitate, monitor, improve this collaborative process, and staffed our support with domain knowledge to help you – our customer – succeed.

You’ve probably have heard (or even invested in) dozens of vendor solutions promising all sorts of solutions to cure almost every problem experienced with forecasting. Yet, after months of deployment and a substantial up-front investment, these solutions often fail to deliver, and you’re back to your spreadsheet models, pulling data manually, and making decisions in isolation.

How can Ideum Group help?

With RastPro™, we combine cutting-edge statistical forecasting models with a streamlined approach to the collaborative forecast process, making forecasts from the different groups in your organization available to help you with your inventory and production planning decisions. Furthermore, similar to any process, RastPro™ monitors the accuracy to give better insights and improve if needed.

At Ideum Group, we are demonstrating – not promising – how to solve these problems. We have specifically designed, implemented, and deployed RastPro™ from the ground up to help you make informed decisions.

The benefits are clear:

  • $0 upfront investment.
  • No, wait – New accounts are set up in a few hours.
  • Intuitive and easy to use – RastPro™ boasts a gradual easy-to-follow learning curve for new users.
  • Access to our support staff with vast supply chain expertise to help you with any issue throughout the process.
  • No long-term commitment or contract – You pay as you go, and you may cancel at any time.

How can we do that?

We host our solution to our private cloud platform and maintain strict security layers to protect our customer’s data at all times. As a result, you can access our solution anywhere, anytime. We take care of the backup, updates, and maintenance of the software. You log in and use it.

Need help?

RastPro™ backed by a responsive, knowledgeable in-house support team – not a faceless offshore entity reading from pre-written scripts.

Need more help?

We can offer you one-on-one training or support in supply-demand planning, inventory management, modeling, and forecast so that you can fully benefit from the software’s full analytical capabilities.